Companies attending include:

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Welcome to the Chronic Hepatitis B Drug Development Summit

Expert Speakers at the Summit Include:

Chari Cohen

Senior Vice President

Hepatitis B Foundation

Eduardo Bruno Martins

Chief Medical Officer

Sagimet Biosciences

Melissa Palmer

Chief Medical Officer

Gannex, a Subsidiary of Ascletis Pharma

Stephane Daffis

Scientist II

Gilead Sciences

David Anderson

Chief Scientific Officer

VBI Vaccines Inc.

Tom Evans

Chief Scientific Officer


William Delaney

Chief Scientific Officer

Assembly Biosciences (USA)

Yong-Yuan Zhang

Founder and Chief Science Officer


Hepatitis B (HBV) is one of the world’s most prevalent infectious diseases, with over 257 million people affected. The remarkable success in curing HCV infection has fuelled biopharma investment into finding curative treatments for this virus.
This is the first-ever dedicated industry forum dedicated exclusively to the frontier of drug development in Chronic HBV.

The two-day program spans:

The full spectrum of antiviral and immunomodulatory agents being investigated to achieve a functional cure in chronic HBV infection and mitigate related conditions such as fibrosis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma.  Including:

- The complexities associated with the ccc-DNA structure of HBV and the difficulties it creates for drug developers
- Analysing the replication cycle of HBV to find new routes for traditional anti-viral drug to capitalize upon
- Inducing an immune response to HBV infection and reducing HBsAg through mono and combo immunotherapies
- The full range of therapeutic modalities being leveraged in the fight against HBV infection including therapeutic vaccines, Peg IFNα, RNAi therapeutics, toll-like receptor agonists, first-in-class entry inhibitors, viral vaccines, immune-mobilizing monoclonal T-cell receptors, capsid inhibitors.


PLUS! Networking with the leading biopharma companies and academic institutions in the chronic HBV space with over 4 hours of 1-to-1 networking time and interactive panels 

If you are investing clinical development resources into Chronic HBV, this online forum has been created with you in mind and will put you in front of pharma, biotechs, academia and solution providers accelerating drug candidates towards the goal of a functional cure for hepatitis B.